Annual Subscriptions

Dear members,

Council has agreed that the standard annual subscription will increase to £15 a year, also that the cost for entering the Championship will rise to £10.

If you intend to enter the Championship it would help the council very much if you could make payment at the beginning of the year, avoiding a significant administrational task during the Imperial meeting.

If you pay by standing order, the money is scheduled to be taken on 15th January. Before that date please take the following action:

  1. Amend your standing order to either £15 or £25 depending on whether you intend to enter the Championship or not. For those that bank online it’s a straightforward task, otherwise please advise your bank to make the change for you.
  2. Send notification to our membership secretary, Jim Carter, of the new amount of your standing order.

If you do not currently pay by standing order please consider it; you would make the job of your District Superintendent much simpler. For disciplines other than target rifle, the new membership cost of £15 applies.

                Martin Liversage

Honorary Secretary, English Twenty Club