Young Shooter's Guide


It does not matter where you live in the UK: if you qualify for England you can join the English Twenty Club.

The English Twenty Club

What is it? 

  • Selects the team each year for the National, Mackinnon and Lawrence international matches.
  • Selects the team for other England matches.
  • Organises England Teams abroad.
  • Runs English Twenty Club teams.
  • Runs the English Twenty Club Open Prize Spring Meeting.
  • Runs the English County Rifle Championship for the King George V Challenge Cup.
  • Supports the District Superintendents who can help new shooters find their feet in the regions.

Where is it?

  • The English Twenty Clubhouse is on Club Row at Bisley next to the Surrey Rifle Association.
  • It is open during the Club's Spring Open Prize meeting and the Bisley Imperial meeting.

What is in it for me?

  • The chance to represent your county.
  • The chance to represent your country.
  • The chance to win an English Twenty Club Jewel and to shoot for the President's Cup.
  • The use of the clubhouse during the meetings.
  • Access to the members area of the Club web site, where the annual Yearbook and other member information can be viewed.
  • You are entitled to wear the club blazer, badge and tie.
  • The opportunity to shoot in English Twenty Club Open prize Spring Meeting.
  • The opportunity to enter The Club Championship and The Varley  - required for The National Team selection.
  • The support of the club in encouraging rifle shooting in England.

County representation in the English County Rifle Championship for the King George V Challenge Cup

In summary* you must be eligable to shoot for England and

  1. either have been born in the county, or
  2. have lived in the county with you or your next of kin having the vote there for at least 10 years or
  3. currently be resident in the county with you or your next of kin currently voting in the county.

You will need to find your District Superintendent, (if you do not know who this contact the Honoarary Membership Secretary), to get in touch with your chosen county team. You will also need to put your scores on your county's board during the Imperial Meeting along with where you can be found on camp to bring yourself to their attention and to aid their selection processes for other county competitions.

*full qualification rules see.

Membership of the English Twenty Club is required.

For NRA county shoots see Bisley Bible for rules.

Country representation - Shooting for England

In summary*, the test of nationality is either

  1. Country of birth, or
  2. Descent from parents or grandparents who were qualified by country of birth or
  3. Country of residence for a continuous period of not less than 5 years immediately preceding the date of the match.

A person who has shot for one nationality shall not thereafter be eligible to shoot for another nationality in the National Match.

*full qualification rules see.

You must be a member of the English Twenty Club. Enter the Club Championship and Varley during the Bisley Imperial Meeting (before the start of the Grand Aggregate) and put your scores on the board in the Clubhouse.

President's Cup and English Twenty Club Jewels

Presidents Cup

  • Awarded to the English Twenty Club member under 25 years of age placed highest in the Club Championship.

NRA Bisley Schools' Meeting

  • Silver Jewel: awarded to the cadet whose scores in the Iveagh, Wellington and Ashburton together make the highest aggregate.
  • Claims must be made in writing to the Honoarary Secretary, English Twenty Club by 20:00 on Ashburton day and must be certified by the master in charge of the school team.

NRA Cadet Units' Meeting

  • Silver Jewel: awarded annually to the Cadet from a unit affiliated to the Club whose scores in the Individual, Patriotic and Frankfort competitions make the highest aggregate, (The Cadet Hundred).
  • Claims to be made in writing to the Honoarary Secretary, English Twenty Club after the CCRS has published the Cadet Hundred and must be certified by the officer in charge of the affiliated unit.

District Jewels

  • Jewels, including a bronze jewel for young or novice shooters, are awarded within districts (see District and Division Jewels for full details).