Armed Forces Match

The Armed Forces Match, previously known as the Combined Services Match, takes place annually during the Imperial Meeting and is a English Twenty Club team match against the UK Armed Forces and other National teams who choose to take part (i.e. Scotland, Wales and Ireland).  The match is for teams of 12 with three coaches and a main coach.  It is traditional that the Captain offers shooting places to those who were selected as Reserves for the National Match.

Results are also pubished annually in the Yearbook.  The current and previous copies of the Yearbook can be found in the Members section of this web site.

The 2017 match was held at Bisley on Friday July 21st July.  The full results table and team photo (when available) are shown below.along with those for 2016.

UKAF Match Results 2017.pdf4.58 KB
UKAF Match Results.20163.98 KB
UKAF Match Photo 2016241.5 KB